Click Voyager - Frequently Asked Questions

q. What is Click Voyager?
Click Voyager is a traffic exchange. This means that you can use our system to view other people's websites (known as surfing) for a minimum of 6 seconds and, in return, they will view yours.
q. What are credits and how do I get them?
Credits are the universal currency of Click Voyager - they are used to purchase all forms of advertising on our website. You earn credits whenever you surf through other members' websites on our site. You can also purchase extra credits in the members area.
q. What is your surf ratio?
Our base ratios are as follows:
  • Free Member - 5:1
  • Silver Member - 2:1
  • Gold Member - 1:1
  • Platinum Member - 1:2
However, there are many, many bonus credits awarded while you surf which make your effective surf ratio much higher (free members usually work out around 2:1). You can claim a free upgrade to Silver level membership every Sunday in our Sunday Silver Service promotion and Gold memberships are available for purchase in the members area. Platinum memberships are very rare....
q. Can I have more than one account?
No. Creating multiple accounts will lead to all your accounts being removed.
q. What kind of websites can I advertise here?
We allow most websites but you must abide by a few rules. Sites must not break frames or otherwise interfere with the surfing experience and sites must be 'family-friendly'. For full details on prohibited websites, see our terms of service.
q. Why doesn't the surf bar work properly?
Our surf bar is regularly tested on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (v9+) and mobile versions of Chrome and Firefox and it definitely does work correctly for us and for the vast majority of our members but we realise that some members do have problems.
Most problems are caused by browser extensions that block ads or that block javascript. Our surf bar is designed to display ads and ad- blockers are designed to block them - it always leads to conflicts. Likewise, any script blocker has the potential to cause problems so the first thing you should try is to disable any such extensions. Cookies are also required by the site so any extensions that block cookies can also cause problems.
Simply logging out and logging back in again (use the button in the members area - don't just close your browser) is often enough to clear up other problems.
q. Why does my website appear as 'Pending'?
When you add a site to our system, we immediately run some automated checks on the site to see if it's suitable for display. With most sites, our system can check and approve them instantly so if you see a 'Pending' message, click on the site and use the 'Test' button to make sure it loads correctly. It may be that you mis-typed the address - just correct it and try again and the site will likely go through. In other cases, your site may just have too much content for our site checker to read. Lots of inline frames, cloaking links etc can cause this. If that's the case, just wait a while. During the day, your site will be manually checked within a few minutes. If it's the middle of the night, you may need to wait until morning but your site will always be checked as soon as possible.
q. How many sites can I promote on Click Voyager?
You can promote as many sites as you like. However, the more sites you add, the less traffic each one will receive as we distribute our traffic per account, rather than per site. This means that if you just have one site listed on your account, that site will receive all the traffic. If you list ten sites, they will each receive one tenth of your total traffic. No matter how many sites you add, the total amount of traffic that you receive will not change - it will just be distributed evenly between all the sites that you have listed.
q. What's with the sickly orange barf-glow'?
Hey, we like orange and we're not ashamed of it! But, we realise that not everyone appreciates it the same way we do. If you don't like it, just go to the Profile page in your account and you'll find a whole bunch of other themes to use - you can even have the site show entirely in black and white if that's your thing!
Earn Free Traffic
Earn credits for every site that you visit and exchange them for advertising on our site. You can use them for website visitors, banner ads, text ads or even use them to bid on the daily sponsor site.
Win More Traffic
At Click Voyager, we love prizes. You can win bonus credits on any of the games that appear while you surf (including the ever-popular Hangman) or compete with other members in the daily Top Clicker contest and the weekly CV League.
Earn Your Upgrade
Every Sunday, you can earn a free upgrade for your account, just by surfing in our Sunday Silver Service promotion. Join in every week and keep your upgrade for as long as you like!